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For Pets


Full-Spectrum CBD

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

  • Naturally Occurring In Hemp and Marijuana
  • Mood Boost / Motivating
  • Calm / Better Sleep
  • Legal in the USA


Gummies & Edibles

For those looking for the health benefits of CBD by edibles.

  • Easy To Store And Consume
  • More Accurate Dosage
  • Benefits of CBD
  • Legal in the USA

About Zenvito

Our focus is on helping people find their path to wellness. With our selection of premium CBD products, Δ8, and accessories — you can be served best. After the 2018 Farm Bill passed which legalized hemp cultivation. We noticed the future of health will be investing in cannabinoid research and safety. Then after multiple states approved medical marijuana and some with recreational marijuana we knew plenty of people could receive benefit from this.